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Abi Jonas Pottery

Product Photography, Website Build
Brand Design & Consultation

Ongoing marketing support and training for a local ceramicist.

We were thrilled to work with a talented local potter who approached us for help with revamping their brand some years ago now. Following this brand design we then proceeded to develop a modern and responsive website that showcased Abi's pottery collections while also being easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Since then we regularly take professional product photography which highlights the pieces unique features and qualities. Additionally, we provide Abi with ongoing marketing consultation and support on marketing campaigns and social media training, giving guidance on how best to utilise various channels for her business.

We are delighted to have helped Abi take her business to the next level and are proud to have been a part of their success story.

I have had a fabulous experience from Abi and Hometown Creative. She created my website taking into account everything that I wanted to get from it and has been great in supporting any issues I have had which are always to do with my lack of IT skills! I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is quick and responsive to queries and always friendly and approachable. Thank you Abi!

Abi Jonas Pottery


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