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Visit Petersfield

Copywriting, Marketing Strategy,
& Social Media

Promoting the newly launched Visit Petersfield website we have built relationships, run campaigns and created content for the site.

Acting as an in-house marketing team, we provide ongoing support to the Visit Petersfield website. As well as website management, we regularly update the site, create and post content, and manage the marketing email address replying to any correspondence with the aim being to increase footfall into the town and surrounding areas and promoting local businesses.

We support with community engagement replying to all social media messages and run pop up events in the town to promote the Visit Petersfield website. In addition, we attend regular council meetings representing the marketing arm of their business where we present our quarterly campaign plans and monthly reports.

We initially signed up for a 2 year contract but we have been so pleased with the results that we have extended the period to 3 years with a further review this year. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, often going above and beyond to ensure that the journey remains a smooth one.

Visit Petersfield


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